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Publication, editorial and access rights policy

The Open Journal is designed to contribute to a better use and propagation of scientific information. In view of maintaining a certain level of focus and coherence as well as to ensure the respect of the rights of other users and third parties, The Open Journal members should strictly abide by the following publication guidelines. Any material that is considered as not compatible with these guidelines can be partly or entirely removed by The Open Journal Administrator without prior notice. Material is here to be understood as material including, without limitation, text, video, graphics and sound material, published on The Open Journal website.

Accepting the respect of these guidelines is mandatory to be a member of The Open Journal. In any event, the members (individuals or legal entities) publishing material on The Open Journal or transmitting material via its communication tools accept, to the extent permitted at law, the full responsibility of any direct or indirect subsequent prejudice or legal consequences (e.g. violation of someone's intellectual, property or human rights). Although The Open Journal administrators can take no responsibility, it will however, as described below, undertake efforts to minimize the existence of inappropriate material on The Open Journal. In cases of unambiguously proven violation of someone's rights, the administrators will take the necessary measure to remove, with the shortest possible delay, the material from the site.


On the basis of the above guidelines, The Open Journal administrators reserve the right not to publish certain material or, as mentioned earlier, to remove them partially or entirely.
In order to preserve The Open Journal from abuse or behavior that can jeopardize its functioning, The Open Journal can also, without prior notice, either limit the access rights of some users (or category of users) or cancel their membership. The concerned members will be notified of these actions. The limitation of rights or cancellation of membership can, in particular, happen in the following cases:

Independently of the efforts undertaken to avoid that unsuitable material is published in The Open Journal, there will inevitably be, even temporarily, some that do not correspond to the level of appropriateness desired. In order to minimize the presence of such material, The Open Journal offers, in all main modules, a "member quality control". This mechanism gives the members the possibility to flag the material that they consider inappropriate and indicate the main reason(s) behind this assessment. However, the members who consider themselves offended by or victim of a prejudice resulting from material published on The Open Journal (or transmitted via its tools) should take direct contact with the concerned member(s) in view of resolving the issue. The Open Journal Administrators can only intervene directly in cases where the prejudice or violation of rights can be unambiguously established.

The Open Journal Administrator can take, as mentioned above, no responsibility for the material published by members on the site or transmitted via the communication tools it offers. Unless stated explicitly otherwise, the material published by members in The Open Journal or transmitted via its communication tools have not been adopted or in any way approved by The Open Journal and should not be relied upon as a statement/view of The Open Journal team. The Open Journal team does not guarantee their accuracy, nor does it accept responsibility for any use made thereof.

Finally, only registered members are allowed to publish on, or transmit material, via The Open Journal. When doing so, as mentioned above, they declare their adherence to the above publication guidelines concerning in particular the respect of intellectual and property rights. They also accept that this material can be freely utilized by other members of The Open Journal and general public.